Moni Vidente makes dire prediction for Shakira: “How sad”

In the middle of last year, Shakira And Gerard PQ They reduced the blind in their relationship as the home was ruined by infidelity. Almost a year has passed since that emotional breakup, but the divorce is not key to rooting out the issues. And appeared in full controversy about the artist’s new theme Sir Moni Send a very strong message regarding the ex-partner.

While in some relationships the separation ends with differences at the time of making that difficult decision, in this case the dispute escalated. Both South American and European have started a legal battle, which is gaining more and more strength, but even that is not enough, for which they appeal to the media fight to distribute spears to all sides.

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Taking into account that problems appear with an alarming frequency, they decided not to end this trend. In the last few hours, the focus of the conflict was placed on the acrostic, the Colombian’s new theme dedicated to his two children (Milan And Sasha) even though the young children had passed down the mother’s artistic virtues, the father would not have had such an overt sympathy, and he didn’t even know it, it was discovered when the video clip came to light.

Amidst the waves of conflicting opinions, new predictions related to the singer’s life and what her future holds were known without leaving the businessman. Cosmos. The famous Cuban astrologer, Sir Moni, who spoke and warned the Catalan’s former partner. “Legal issues are coming, bad. Shakira wants to start a tour and says she’s not a good enough mother for them. Bigway, the father of her children, and their circle will sue to take away Shakira’s children. How sad for Shakira,” he said.

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The astrologer was blunt

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These predictions are consistent with the detected panorama EuropeTo be more precise Spain. There is talk of possible legal action by Piqué to improve custody, assuming that Shakira’s potential work tours would conflict with his ability to care for the children.

Additional information

After regularization AcrosticWebsites like Europe Press They went to the direct sources of the alleged problem, seeking answers about what would happen between the ex-partner. The media took over Raman is the drummerLawyer Gerard PQTrying to interview him to find real and authentic data on the moves the Spaniards are making against the Colombian.

At the time, Tambororo answered a few questions for the cameras and noted that he had no idea what would happen in the immediate future. “I haven’t judged the issue yet, and in any case, it’s up to the lawyers to pick and choose whether it went well or badly,” he said.

The lawyer made it clear in his opinion that these kinds of questions should be asked to Bhikku, who is capable of defining what he wants to completely separate himself from the media environment. “The best thing is for you to try to contact him, he can tell you directly, I can’t give any kind of information on these aspects,” he replied to the cameras. The aforementioned portal.

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