Is the government paying Cesia Sáenz $5,000 a month as an honorary ambassador?

Tegucigalpa, Honduras. In recent days, news emerged that Xiomara Castro’s government was paying him a sum of money through the president. Salary of $5,000 Monthly (L 123,350) for a Honduran singer Cecia sansWinner of the last edition of La Academia Ambassador of Honor Honduran Art and Culture in Mexico.

The young woman, who lives in Mexico, was sworn in by Foreign Minister Eduardo Enrique Reyna last March and, as her name suggests, is not paid because it is an honorary post, except for a consulate.

EL HERALDO sought the version of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the matter, first consulted the Minister of Foreign Affairs Eduardo Enrique Reina, although the plenipotentiary did not answer the question of whether Sáenz had a charge.

Subsequently, Deputy Foreign Minister Antonio García, who is responsible for the issue of Honduran embassies and embassies abroad, was asked, but he said he did not know anything and would consult Foreign Minister Reina.

Inquiries were also made to the Honduran consul in Mexico, Hector Amador, who said Sanz comes to the Honduran consul in Mexico City but does not do so every day, nor is he on the payroll.

“She made a tic tac saying she made money as an artist in Mexico, she didn’t say Honduras was paying her or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was paying her, she wasn’t getting paid,” Amador began.

The spokesperson added, “He comes to the embassy here and is in charge of cultural events, but he does not have an office. She’s not on salary or no salary, she doesn’t come every day, when she does it’s when there’s an art event or it’s time to support an artist.

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“Cesia Sáenz meets with the business manager to develop plans to promote art, but she does not appear every day as an employee, here we know the salary, and she is not on the payroll of the Honduran embassy in Mexico “, Ex.

Asked by Tik Tok if she was getting on well with Honduran people’s money, she replied, “As an artist, I work and earn…I don’t steal it from anybody.”

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