Virgo Horoscope – March 22, 2021 | Virgo horoscope

This day you will be relaxed because you have the maturity not to make racial or religious differences, as a result of your good judgment and well-developed intellect. For all of the above, stress is not your thing. It is the energy that Jupiter creates in the sign of Aquarius.

It is true that some talents or talents you may not know may come to light, perhaps even in discovering talents in the arts like music, poetry or even science or health. It is the energy that creates Neptune through the sign of Pisces.

For now, love affairs are not in your favor, in that sense you will face a crisis, you will have to break up with the person who did not bring you good, it is painful but letting go of those cycles will not necessarily let you progress. This is the 5th house of Pluto’s energy, the house of love.

It is a moment of stability in health matters, you will be very concerned about being well, feeding yourself, exercising, not neglecting spirituality, and even contributing to a happier life. This is the energy and health home of Jupiter in the 6th house.

Being so determined to work, your performance makes you unique and leads you to think you are essential, but remember that you may be necessary, but never essential. 6th house, which is the energy that Saturn generates through the working house.

The alignment of the planets in the 7th house, the couple’s house creates a special energy to harmonize your relationship, mainly Venus cooperates with joy, love and beauty, with the strength to transcend Neptune, the elements necessary to strengthen any relationship.

In monetary terms, the energy comes from the 8th house, the ancestral house, because the sun goes there. This represents the strongest feature of getting money out of the least you can imagine, and you will probably recover the debts you owed.


Love: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Friendship: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Labor: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

It is difficult for you to focus on the strong urge to help others, do not resist, follow your swans and trust the energy that Jupiter develops in you in the sign of Aquarius. It doesn’t have to be financial help, sometimes even a hug or a smile is enough.

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