Miguel Falero asks for more ‘generosity’ when defining Honduran U23 forward – Dice

Miguel Palero Fighting beforehand Redeemer, The pre-Olympic second date sport Tokyo 2021. Hondurans, who won 3-0 against Haiti in an extraordinary battle for all experienced, would like to injure the Salvadorans, who lost 2-0 in their opening match. Canada.

Before the fight this Monday at 6:30 p.m. Guadalajara, Mexico, Uruguay coach Honduras national team, Miguel Palero, Appeared at a conference and talked about what this meeting would be like.

“I agree with Professor Hugo Perez that it is very difficult to analyze an extraordinary game, it is not normal for a team to start with 10 and some difficulties, although the whole team is already finished in 20 minutes, but we do not have a systematic alignment to confirm the situation due to problems in the assembly, due to various abnormalities. This led us to control and still not be able to distribute the brand on the ball, ”he replied when told by D.T. Honduras could not analyze the introduction against Haiti because of the theme created before the game.

“At 1:30 pm it’s complex, it’s an extraordinary game that can be reliably analyzed, it’s hard for us to get used to today; El Salvador played a very good game, they fought very well, they had a real style and a lot of generosity. They had time to recover the ball and a good tenure. The goal will be achieved, ”he explained.

Miguel Palero His presentation was very clear. Cadracho Hellman sent a message to his perspectives. He openly asked that there should be “generosity” and that he should not be selfish in front of the frame as he considers the coverage to be favorable in this type of competition to be very important.

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“Always, even if you are a competitor, you have to make corrections, which helps to prevent compliance. We have to make corrections every two days. One of the things we can correct is more concentrated, the other may be more generous. , That’s why they are taken into account, we are in it, good form to make corrections, “the South American said at a conference.

“The more development of the competition, the more intense we are thinking about it, being the protagonists, it will lead to a more serious game because El Salvador needs an end to the struggle that will be a lot of it, which will lead to someone who does better to get three points tomorrow,” he said. Miguel Palero.

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