Video of Shakira Pique being forcibly silenced by her mother goes viral; He didn’t protect her!

  • The video was shot in a public place and is from PQ and Shakira’s time as a couple.

  • The former footballer’s mother has “never forgiven” Shakira for not being Catalan, a Catalan newspaper confirms.

Internet users have circulated a video on social networks in which they observe Biku’s mother argues with Shakira in front of the ex-footballer.

The video was taken in a public place Biku and Shakira were still a couple.

can be seen in the display The singer wears the sweater with both handswhen The mother, with an altered gesture, forcibly takes her face to calm her down.

however, As Shakira continued, Therefore Angry woman you knowHe stares at her As a sign to shut up, he puts his index finger in his mouth.

The translator of ‘Pais Descalsos’ has turned his back on her There was no sign of Piguet’s mother, Montserrat Bernabeu, making any gesture of her freeing herself.

For his part, Bigway watched the whole scene unfold before him And she makes no attempt to stop her mother, nor does she make a gesture of refusal. observed only in Ex-player mode, ignored, is the other way around.

This video has created a lot of controversy and excitement on social media. Because of the way Montserrat treated Shakira.

For some netizens It makes sense that the singer has a doll that looks like a witch Visible from her balcony and former mother-in-law’s house.

Similarly, “You left me as a neighbor to my mother-in-law” On the song ‘Session #53’ A clear hint of discomfort What happens to the singer? Have Montserrat as a neighbor.

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Bigway's mother is very upset

Additionally, The Catalan press has brought to light that Pique’s mother never approved of Shakira being with himDespite the fact that she is a world star.

Recently, a Catalan media brought it to light The ex-footballer’s family was very “closed” and “they never forgave” Shakira for not being “Catalan”.

Your factual details The ex-mother-in-law suggested the singer cut her hair They are particularly relevant to the singer’s followers as they feel that this is not a well-intentioned suggestion.

Shakira put a doll like a witch in her ball

At the time, Shakira admitted the suggestion was “a big mistake”. And so “I will never overlook” the Montserrat Bernabeu.

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