Minciencias and Sinchi launch a scientific expedition to the Amazon

As part of what they call the Campaigns for Life, Peace and Land, the Ministry of Science, Technology and InnovationIn partnership with the Amazon Institute for Scientific Research (He’ll get high), next Thursday, January 26 at “Bio Expedition, Alto Río Igara – Paraná”.

Exploration in the Amazon will be undertaken by scientists and associations of indigenous communities, with the aim of contributing to the processes of species identification and the generation of biological knowledge.

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This is the second expedition launched by the Minciencias in the government of President Gustavo Petro, during which productive and sustainable alternatives will also be identified for the territory based on biodiversity. The first campaign was launched last October and named “Montes de Maria Agrobiodiversity Mission: Territories of Peace”.

In this case, the new expedition will take place in chorera, Aboriginal lands located on the banks of the Igaraparani River. There, the initiative seeks to fill knowledge gaps at a strategic location in the Colombian Amazon; Contribute to the country’s biodiversity inventory of biological collections; In addition to creating bridges between the scientific knowledge and the traditional knowledge of the Okaina, Bora, Muinaney and Huitoto peoples.

The expedition, whose investment will be $387,900,000, will involve 15 researchers and 19 people belonging to the Santa Rosa and San Antonio Cabildos ethnic group. hoitoto. According to Minciencias, this will allow the consolidation of biological inventory, the social appropriation of knowledge by communities and the identification of productive and sustainable alternatives for biodiversity that contribute to regional development.

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The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Arturo Luna Tapia, affirmed that “for the government, the Amazon is a priority area, given its great ecological importance for Colombia and the world.”

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This was confirmed by Luz Marina Mantilla, Director General of the Sinchi Institute, with
The expedition to Ecuador complements the work done by the Institute and
Research them in the area because it is an opportunity to document
Biodiversity that is home to one of the most remote regions of the Amazon.

“We have an alliance with the Indigenous Association of the Cabildos region
Traditional Salads of Ecuador (AZICATCH), important
Indigenous organization, which, by working in a clear way, will be possible
Strengthening the relationship between Western knowledge and scientific knowledge
And knowledge of local communities, in this case, knowledge
said the official.

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