Crystal Silva will receive 2022 from Paris: “This is untrue”

(Photo: Instagram / kristalsilva_)

Silva Crystal He surprised his followers on social media with a series of photos he took during his current trip to France. The TV presenter caused a stir with his summer appearance, where he wore his magnificent figure near the Eiffel Tower.

Euselmi Crystal Silva DevilKnown as Crystal Silva, he left the TV Azteca forums for Paris, France. In a few hours, the driver Come on happy He will say goodbye to the old year and get to the European continent by 2022, from where he will share with his colleagues and the public the first recordings of the place as it airs this Friday, December 31st.

I’m having so much fun, because this is the first time I’ve known this place, it’s so romantic, It is full of art and breathtaking spaces. I swear I have a photo on my cellphone on every street I walk, because he said.

(Photo: ristkristalsilva_ / Instagram)
(Photo: ristkristalsilva_ / Instagram)

Mexican model participating in a beauty contest The beauty of the universe In 2016, he announced the end of this year There will be no pyrotechnics in ParisHowever, everyone can enjoy the light show that takes place in the Eiffel Tower. In addition, he showed the words he knew in French and showed pictures of how the current is. Lower Museum.

“I am so happy to share with you through my social networks that this beauty, this place is not likely to be known by many,” he added.

He did so because he released some photos he took in France in the last hours. Crystal Silva started her journey in one of the most famous places in the country and she decided to pose before. Notre Dame Cathedral.

(Screenshot: kristalsilva_ / Instagram)
(Screenshot: kristalsilva_ / Instagram)

In a Nightscape, the model, who recently turned 30, showed off her slim figure in a black dress and costume. The driver expressed her natural beauty with a light makeup that illuminated her lips in a wine tone.

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Another photo session followed at the Eiffel Tower, Tamoulibas’ hometown. Silva stood in front of the monument and smiled for the camera; She breathed more than once with her dress, which included a large red coat, a high-necked blouse, and waist-length trousers with a black and white checkered pattern.

I met the Eiffel Tower, a very beautiful place. I swear I saw this in photos, videos, movies because you were there and looking at the tower which is over 200 meters long. The truth is that I was inspired”, He commented in a conversation with Venka la Alecria.

(Capture: @ kristalsilva_ / Instagram)
(Capture: @ kristalsilva_ / Instagram)

The model shared her posts with Instagram users because of the comments she left in her posts, sharing her experience in France: “This is untrue”,”Je t’aime Paris … make it come true“The phrases he left out.

Driver’s followers were not far away and filled the comment box with messages like love, masters, compliments and congratulations to him. It is noteworthy that the model presents without a mask in the pictures, however he clarified that it was only when the photos were taken that it was removed.

Among the records of Crystal Silva, one of Vin’s conductors Come on happy The most beloved, highlighted the presence of his morning companions and other media personalities such as Denisha, Karin Ondiveroz, Sharis Sid and Andrea Toscano.

Mía Colucci dressed up for Crystal Silva ¡Quiero Cantar!  (Photo: Twitter / @VengaLaAlegria).
Mía Colucci dressed up for Crystal Silva ¡Quiero Cantar! (Photo: Twitter / @VengaLaAlegria).

“What Daddy Krish !! Enjoy a lot!”, He wrote Cynthia Rodriguez. “Aha finally !!!!! Enjoy Chris a lot !!!!!”, he continued Roger Gonzalez. “I know, you’re dying to write it,” he joked. Laura G. “I’m so glad to see you there,” he added. Annette Kuburu.

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