Video of him kissing another woman leaked Scandal: Enrique Iglesias’ sister, Tamara Falco discovered her fiance’s infidelity and they broke up two days after announcing the wedding | People | Entertainment

sister of Enrique IglesiasTamara Falco announced her engagement to businessman Íñigo Onieva, but her love story took an unexpected turn four days in and her engagement broke off.

A video was leaked to the Spanish press in which Oniva appeared to kiss a black woman who was not his fiancee, which he initially denied, then admitted his mistake and apologized to Falco, he wrote. hello.

Enrique Iglesias blew a big kiss to a fan as he made his way to the stage in Las Vegas

Enrique Iglesias’ sister discovers her boyfriend’s infidelity

The VI Marchioness of Grinone was one of the happiest moments of his life. This September 22, she announced her engagement to the businessman on her Instagram, but the happiness only lasted for a day.

On September 23, a video of Oniwa kissing another woman at the Burning Man music festival in Nevada, USA, the last version of which took place between August 28 and September 5 this year, was leaked to the Spanish press.

This could represent a push for Isabelle Preisler’s daughter, although the businessman defended himself and said that the kiss happened in 2019, before starting a relationship with Falco. “I love Tamara madly and we’re going to get married no matter who weighs her,” he said.

However, the next day, he accepted the blame and issued a statement admitting that he was not honest and apologized to his fiancee and his entire family.

“I appear in the videos in an unacceptable manner and I am completely sorry for that and devastated. I apologize for not being honest and I apologize publicly to Tamara and her family,” he commented, adding, “I absolutely love Tamara, she is the woman of my life. , so it hurts me so much to hurt her,” he reaffirmed.

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For her part, Tamara took refuge in her mother’s house, deleted the photo from her Instagram in which Oniva asked for her hand and unfollowed him.

On the same September 24, the socialite project released new photos of the businessman kissing a mystery woman in North America, so the relationship remains under wraps, although new details are unknown. (and)

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