House of Celebrities: Alicia Machado is most hated by these fights

Alicia Machado Became a trend after harsh criticism Kimberly Flores For the affectionate attitude with Roberto Romano Home of celebrities, A show Estilo Big Brother Production TelemundoBecause, apparently he does not agree with these flirtations Alicia She was very close with Romano.

The former Miss Universe was one of the first to criticize the romantic approach of Kimberly Flores and Roberto Romano. Remember that she is marriedIn addition, Machado is believed to be in love with Roberto, so that would be the main reason for her conflict with Kimberly.

Remember that Machado and Roberto Recently they slept in the same bed and he was watching him too when he told him the secrets. A chat Celia LoraAlicia revealed her intentions because she admitted that she wanted to exclude Kimberly Flores from the 31-year-old actor.

“You want a wei Wei makes up your eyesBut all day long you have another, turn it over, look, or you walk away or I’ll turn you over, that is. We will not step on the pipe among firefighters, do not tell me stories because the devil knows an old woman more than a devil, ”said the model.

Roberto Romano Kimberly rejects Flores because he loves Alicia?

After their loving attitudes Kimberly Con Roberto, The actor tried to calm Machado: “No, no, Ali, no, no, no. I swear it’s never been like that, no.” No, I did not go therember ”, the actor said, referring to the fact that a gossip was created because Kimberly allegedly stole a kiss from him.

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Alicia Machado is not fully aware that this is the case Roberto Roman It was clear that Kimberly Flores wanted more than friendship with him: But that girl was like that“She realized she wasn’t already there, or she remembered she was married, but she forgot,” said the former beauty queen.

What other fights did you do?

Just yesterday Alicia Machado and Celia Lora They had an intense fight that was embarrassing to their colleagues. Why? Alicia Machado criticizes Celia Lora for her confrontation with Anaha, a former participant in the Acapulco Shore, with whom there is apparently a serious conflict.


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