Omar Gómez, the lawyer of the Ayodhya case, resigns his post, confirms AMLO – El Financiero

Omar Gomez Trejo He resigned from the Special Investigation and Prosecution Division The Ayodhya caseHe confirmed President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who he has led since June 2019.

The resignation is effective from Friday, September 30.

The Gómez Trejo decision occurs within its framework Eighth Anniversary After the disappearance of 43 laymen from Ayodhya and their differences with their immediate employer, Alejandro Gertz ManeroHead of the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR)

These differences were emphasized by withdrawal 21 arrest warrants against soldiers, and Guerrero’s former top officials, occurred while he was in Israel; As well as the Filtering Relevant information on the Ayotzinapa case to the press.

Why did Omar Gomez Trejo resign?

AMLO confirmed Omar Trejo’s resignation on September 27, 2022 Differences in ‘procedures for approving arrest warrants’ The Ayodhya case.

“He is going to leave the office and the prosecutor’s office is going to hire another prosecutor. There are differences and all opinions are respected,” he said at a morning press conference.

The prosecutor leaves because he disagrees with the procedures followed for approving arrest warrants.. As there were differences of opinion, I support that they have issued the order as per the inquiry,” he said.

A Special Investigation and Prosecution Unit was created for the Ayodhya case June 26, 2019 Investigate, investigate and complete criminal proceedings related to the disappearance of 43 civilians from Ayodhya in Iguala, Guerrero on September 26 and 27, 2014.

Likewise, it is responsible for knowledge, processing and, where appropriate, resolution Preliminary investigations One Research foldersJudicial and administrative proceedings, precautionary or precautionary measures, ordinary or extraordinary protective measures, amparo inquiries or other related litigation.

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This unit is attached to the FGR office and until today its head, Omar Gomez Trejo, is quality Agent of the General Ministry of the Federation.

He was appointed by the Attorney General of the Republic, who received him Resignation letterprovided by Personal and immutable causes.

Leaks to the press

A weekend series leaks It first exposed the data entered in the form Tested In a report on the Ayodhya case issued by the Under Secretary Alexander Encinas.

These WhatsApp messages not only reveal the alleged nexus between the military, police and members of organized crime, but also reveal how they are supposed to be. Kidnapping, killing and disappearance of Ayodhya civilians.

At the same time, it was also learned that the Attorney General’s office has withdrawn 21 arrest warrantsOut of the 83 he got last August The normalists are thought to be the cause of the disappearance.

Among those whose arrest warrants were withdrawn, the one already obtained, was Vs Rafael Hernandez NietoIn 2014 he was a member of the 41st Infantry Battalion of the Mexican Army based in Iguala. 15 more players.

as well as against Inaki BlancoGuerrero and vs. former attorney Lambertina galliana MarinFormer President of the Court.

It is noteworthy that before this, it was the internal affairs prosecutors of the FGR, not the staff of the Special Prosecution Unit in the Ayodhya case, who supported the charges against them. Jesus Murillo armThe former Attorney General of the Republic was arrested on August 19.

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Indeed, at the indictment hearing, the judge Marco Antonio Fuerte TapiaAccused of “A disorder” When the prosecutors presented the case, they felt they were ill-prepared for it.

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