Video: Camila Capello, James Gordon and other celebrities dance across the street and are criticized for being “deaf” to the problems facing America.


29 ago 2021 04:51 GMT

The ‘Show’ is promoting the new movie version of ‘Cinderella’ starring Capello and Gordon, which will be screened on September 3 on Amazon Prime Video.

Many Hollywood stars were heavily criticized after the video appeared on social media this Saturday, which shows the Los Angeles pedestrian crossroads dancing, while the country faces several crises such as epidemics, hurricanes and the situation in Afghanistan.

In the films, British comedian James Gordon points out, Cuban-American actress Camila Capello, dressed as Cinderella, as well as Billy Porter and Idina Menzel in the upcoming episode ‘The Late Late Show’ James Garden ‘. At one point, the show’s host Jennifer Lopez can be seen pushing her hips towards a host while playing ‘Let’s Get Loud’.

A street dance aimed at promoting the new film version of ‘Cinderella’ starring Capello and Gordon, which will be screened on Amazon Prime Video on September 3 – although it may seem fun, it has been widely questioned on the internet.

“You’re trying to get to work after a stressful morning, and it happens,” Wrote One Twitter user reacted to the clip, which garnered more than 9 million views. In the meantime, another Added: “I feel this is technically harassing.” “Well, now we all have to leave Los Angeles. This is very likely to happen.” He pointed out A Netizen.

Some They blamed Artists who were “deaf” to the country’s problems were weeping over how horrible imprisonment James Garden had in his million-dollar California mansion with guards, tennis courts, private helicopters and swimming pools. She complained Another user.

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