A space without human development

When speaking of the Normal Superior –of any municipality- it is assumed that we are talking about excellence and comprehensive training, but the reality in the particular case of Ibagué is totally different. The ENSI (Escuela Normal Superior de Ibagué) is going to become a squared space that, without recreational use scenarios, will condemn students to little or no development of soft skills and beware, this column is not one of resentment, it is sense of belonging.

The ENSI is worse year after year, stupid hatreds, total authoritarianism, bad administration and teachers who know that things are wrong but as the position can more than feel, they say nothing. Let us look from all fields at this beautiful institution full of dreams but that are cut off if the administrators want it.

“Normal is a multicultural field, where differences are always respected” it would be nice to be able to affirm this, but it would be a total fallacy, the ENSI inhibits students from all forms of expression, attacks their rights with the excuse that it does so. It contemplates a coexistence manual, because of course the schools have autonomy, but autonomy that cannot be above – or contradict – the Political Constitution; Here, making a parenthesis, the secretariat of education should look to see how educational institutions are having their Coexistence Manuals because if they are all like the normal one that if an Afro girl arrives they have to strip her of her cultural characteristics, we are losing as education system.

And that is not the most aberrant in the normal, anyone who wants to enact an opinion is quiet, pointed out and persecuted with teachers and administrators. Why? Because it hurts the thread, simple; But, if it were to defend the “maximum institutional power” if students are taken out even without parental consent to scream at the top of their lungs for someone who lacks all humanity, could it be that there is a cat locked up?

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As for the academic process, there is much to talk about, starting with a pedagogical model that is not fully carried out in all subjects. In addition, it is important to instill that many teachers follow structures and strategies that little or nothing develop and / or stimulate individual learning.

Now, let’s get to what the glass overflowed, the constructions for a single day to which last year we opposed in every measure that was carried out in the sector in which it began, those that aim to destroy all space of recreation and brick “what marks” how it is possible that they eliminate recreation places. I already know what they must be thinking “Well, it is so that there are more classrooms” Yes of course, more rooms that should be reflected in greater logistics –which does not exist- more rooms that must be after a change in the pedagogical structure, a change that it has not been given. In short, in a few words, before putting more bricks, you have to move several that are not working, it would be good to start at the top of the building. The one that is on a third floor –for example-.

I can easily talk about the beauty of the ENSI, but for that there is already an applause committee. What I do want to clarify is that not everything is rotten in the normal, there are teachers to admire that they instill and reach the students, but the damaged fruits must be removed before they damage the crop.

I would like to reach 1,000 words, but they would not be read, so I prefer 600 and they serve to make us think, Where is our institution going to go? Let’s evaluate every detail, let’s not be afraid to talk. We fear to remain silent and run from the one who has power.

We are going from bad to worse, we need a reform of the educational system, we need quality education, people who are not afraid to speak up to take care of a job and above all to be more “chimba”.

God bless you, nice Sunday.

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