They will hold a federal festival in defense of Argentine science and education

Saturday, April 6th Federal Festival in Defense of Argentine Science and Education in the yard Falkland Islands (19 and 51) from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Access is free and open.

During the day there will be workshops, information booths, talks, open radio, a scientific pause, music and other artistic interventions.

The activity seeks to disseminate scholarly and educational work developed by students, teachers, mentors, communicators, artists, technologists, and researchers.

Moreover, it is part of one of the many clear actions to defend science and technology in our country. It is a federal activity, with more than 40 nodes spread throughout the national territory, one of which is La Plata, Beriso and Ensenada.

With “I Choose to Grow,” the event’s organizing committee seeks to highlight the importance of national scientific and technological development, raising the following slogans:

“Because we believe that science and research are the engine of any country’s development. Because we are proud of Argentine science. Because we cannot stand idly by in the face of the destruction of the scientific and technological system.

Against the dismantling and financing of the science and technology system. “Against the layoffs of workers in the state and in defense of national universities”

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