Tali Garcia drops a new bombshell about 'The House of the Famous'

With a very serious face and determined to keep speaking his truth, Tali Garcia He returned to his audience on the networks to say more and highlight the manipulation he believes happened again. Home of the famous.

Salvation is the reason for his new public reaction Christina PortaGives a lot to talk about constantly.

“I wholeheartedly believe that there is no third party. Stop playing with people's time and lives. Support the media and spread the news,” he said.

With this elimination, Thali put the alleged cheating on the table, which got him out Reality For La Bronca, the participant, according to the actress, was loved by the public and the audience, as well as more famous than the Spanish journalist.

This situation seemed so unfair and out of place that he had no problem with doing this live show and invited the show once again without being overt. He shared the new information and the difficult personal situation he was going through, but also his desire to see justice done.

DG speaks again.


“I'm talking to you today after weeks of surviving all this… what do you want me to do? Vet me, cancel me, cancel me, calm me down, buy time,” he explained.

He said he had all the evidence to prove the lack of clarity Reality. “If I go to trial, I have everything to win,” he said. But when that happens, it's not easy for him to experience, and he feels how his credibility is sometimes shaken.

“For Telemundo's sake, I'm sure the company's owners, leaders, and bottom line people don't know how they operate. I'll give Telemundo the benefit of the doubt. But they're wrong about me…Until justice is served, my financial stability and credibility as an actress, as a man, as a woman. They have to kill me until I recover,” she added. .

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Therefore, Talley provided a lot of information, facts and data, some particularly subtle. “There are two women victims in the same company, the same men with similar situations, who sought me out without knowing me to offer me support and tell me: 'I will testify if necessary,'” he said.

A new and powerful testimony of a story that surpasses all fiction.

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