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After all the rumors that have been talked about these months Gerard PQ And ShakiraAnd everything related to their contentious separation, a question is still left in the air, and they are trying to show that the authorship is theirs.

Whether Piqua left Shakira for the reason now appearing on the screen or vice versa, is still unknown. Singer A Colombian woman has decided to abandon her children’s father after discovering he was having an affair Clara Chia MartySo informs Okay diary.

The reason Gerard Piqué got “put up” with Shakira

The reason for Gerard Pique’s feud with Shakira came to light in recent days. The ex-footballer reportedly told his friends and part of his inner circle why he fell in love with Shakira.

“Love yourself more, think about it”: Carlos Vives does not like to get involved in other people’s family problems, but he advises that way when he talks to his friend Shakira.

“He doesn’t care about writing songs about him or his girlfriend, or saying that she wants to come back, which they assure you is not true,” they report on the portal. illusionSome of Piqué’s close friends provide as evidence.

“And what’s more, when Pique and Shakira broke up, the ex-footballer, according to his friends, was tired of the intensity of the Colombian … he felt that she controlled everything and complained a lot. The fights were continuous “, can be read in the same lines as the hitherto unknown information provided.

Gerard realized this after 12 years with Shakira and two children, Milan and Sasha. Artist Barranquillera was a bit serious and decided to visit love Also, his current partner, Clara Cia, met Marty.

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Bigway said that the result of this confusion was that Shakira was serious and that’s why he stopped loving her. Later, the former soccer player Clara Sia fell in love with Marty, who was the opposite of the singer, and now they are even more united, despite how much Shakira’s followers dislike her. (and)

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