(Video) Batista asserts that ‘Potential Country’ is a space of opportunity and merit for women and youth

EL NUEVO DIARIO, Santo Domingo. – Bolivar Batista, Secretary General of the Possible Country Party, emphasized that his political organization is a place where women and youth can obtain opportunities through merit, and at this time they are in the process of growth focusing particularly on these two segments of the population, because they will be the engine to achieve a better life in Dominican Republic.

“The party’s appeal is that women are an important driver of social and political change in the Dominican Republic and that is why we focus on getting more women and young people to participate within the potential country, not just as an entity. But making decisions and being the faces of the party.”

Batista was interviewed by presenters Mariano Abreu, Candi Rosario and Jansen Valdez, on “Enfrentados”, which is broadcast on the digital platform El Nuevo Diario TV and Sí TV, Ruta 66 and Latina TV in the Eastern Province and in the United States, Festiva TV .

(See comments from minute 17:50).

He noted that the party recently held the first Maria Trinidad Sanchez Congress, and that they are attracting new personalities who want to develop leadership within the political program and join what they constitute as a party organization.

He said that they want to start developing the leadership that exists in the community and in this sense, he said that they are developing training for women, through the General Secretariat for Women, and they reported that they have already provided training in three municipalities and will continue. to cover the entire country.

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“According to this, we will soon bring to the country a politician who has distinguished himself by his participation in Spain, and to change the schemes, we will invite Albert Rivera to the country with a team of politicians also from Spain and we will provide training not only to the party, but to the general public,”

He also emphasized that the Dominican Republic is close to changing my generation, because young people are eager to participate in the processes and make “the real changes that the country needs.”

He expressed that the potential state, through its collective social action, realizes that the Dominicans can live better, with stronger institutions and a different policy.

“That’s what País Possible strives for, to be able to signal to every single Dominican that we can live better, and that’s why we’re engaging every single one of the women and young people so that they can come to the party and with their leadership and development they can tell other Dominicans that we can live better.”

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