Matías Almeyda confirms that his contract with San Jose is coming to an end

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Matthias Almeida Liga flirted again with the idea of ​​returning to the MX and of course with more than one fan Sivas He wondered what management expected him to contact. Especially now that he has said his contract with the San Jose earthquake is valid for as long as he wants..

Is Matthias Almeida returning to Sivas?

Argentina gave an interview to DT Fox Sports and said that he was thinking about the future and that in that situation Mexico would be the place for the affection he has for the fans. Although he did not mention SivasKeep in mind that it is DT Last league champion with the herd.

“My contract expires tomorrow. After I said no to the Chile national team, I had the opportunity to talk to the owner, he told me in his own words The day I think it is time for him to leave, he will have no problem, But apparently I did not think about it. I want to change this situation today, but you never know in the future, “he said.

Almeida’s titles with Sivas

  • MX League

  • MX file
  • MX Super Cup

  • Concacombians

Is Mexico in the future?

“As always, you know the love I have for that beautiful country, the league and the love I have for it There is always that step of mine via Mexico. The memory I have there is happy.

Where is El Pelato Almeida with San Jose Earthquakes?

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The San Jose Earthquakes sit 13th at the Western Conference on the MLS, which is far from the playoffs at the start of the season. Almeida struggled to impress with his style on the team and admitted he changed his setting to try to get points.

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