Video: An emotional song by the crew of an Indonesian submarine saying goodbye before they die

The video was recorded by a mobile phone inside the submarine before it went missing in the waters north of the Indonesian island last Wednesday. The submarine with the dead 53 crew was found Sunday.

A video of sailors from a sunken Indonesian submarine singing the song “Goodbye” has gone viral, moving several Indonesian netizens after the tragic death of 53 of its occupants.

The video was recorded by a mobile phone inside the submarine KRI-Nangala-402 before disappearing in the waters north of the Indonesian island of Bali last Wednesday and was located in three divisions at a depth of 800 meters on Sunday after an international search operation.

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“Although I’m not ready to lose you, I’m not ready to be without you. .

Se Trotta de la Cancien “See you soon” de la Banda Indonesia Endung Sugamti, Origineria de Yogyakarta.

One of the first people to share this video on social media a few days ago was Henrik Paulson, a professor at the Swedish Defense University and a friend of Harry Octavian.

“They sing the song ‘Sambai Jamba’, which means ‘Goodbye’ (…), and the song is about a farewell, they seem to be saying goodbye to all of us,” a Twitter user commented in the video.

Photo taken on February 20, 2019 and released on April 21, 2021, showing crew and officers during a ceremony at the Surabaya Naval Base on the Indonesian Kagra class submarine KRI Nangala. The Indonesian military says it is searching for a submarine with 53 crew on board. AFP

The Kagra-class submarine, built in Germany in 1978 and delivered to Indonesia three years later, sank about 40 minutes after disappearing during a military maneuver last Wednesday morning.

KRI-Nangala-402 On Sunday, a submarine from Singapore took part in a search of a vast device involving Australia, India and the United States.

Indonesian authorities deny that the crash was caused by human error and suspect that the cracks began to form when it was 400 to 500 meters above the surface.

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In the aftermath of the tragedy, Indonesian President Joko Widodo said he would offer “high-level promotions and honors” to the 53 soldiers killed for “sacrifice and dedication.”

Authorities are now working to recover the bodies of sailors from KRI-Nangala-402, which was manufactured 40 years ago but renovated in 2012 in South Korea.

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