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A group of four astronauts aboard the Crew Dragon spacecraft, built by Elon Musk’s private company SpaceX, threatened their lives when they were hit by an almost unknown “flying object” on their way to their space station. International Space Station (ISS).

The interesting moment happened last Friday when everything was going smoothly from Florida, but data was available for the collision when they were near the space station.

Considering the potential collision and short maneuver time, the crew of the spacecraft were asked to wear their compressed clothing and fasten their seat belts, however fortunately the object passed despite being very close to the ship.

After the event, NASA announced that it could not identify the object, however, it is believed to be a space debris, capturing the moment when the US space agency separated the capsule from the second stage of the Falcon 9 rocket, while the object was flying very close.

There is no harm in regretting
Fortunately, the unidentified object passed and did not collide with the spacecraft and its crew, however, to the astonishment of astronauts, according to NASA calculations, the object traveled only about 45 kilometers from the spacecraft, which is the largest possible distance when it is on Earth, and relatively short in space.

It should be noted that once the danger was ruled out, the mission continued normally and successfully engaged with the International Space Station; For their part, many Internet users have speculated that this may be an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

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