Flamenco leads Group C of Copa Libertadores by beating Union La Cholera, second only to Liga de Quito | Football | Sports

The trigger of the attack by Capigol, Arrasquita and Bruno Henrique brought down Chile.


Flamengo, who established himself as the sole leader of Group G of the Copa Libertadores-2021, defeated Chile ‘s Union La Cholera 4-1 on Tuesday.

After a slate game in the 31st with a shot in the cheek and a cross in the 79th, star Conner Kapigol, Georgian de Arasquetta in the 34th and Puntarenas in the 34th were in charge of resolving the well-dominated fight with an excellent goal in the area ‘Mengao’.

The trigger of the attack by Capigol, Arasquita and Bruno Henrique knocked out the conservative attitude of Chile’s ‘cement workers’ in the first half, which was dismissed with a goal from Sebastian Cz in the 57th minute of the second half.

With this decision, Flamenco, the 2019 Libertadores champion and one of the candidates to lift the trophy in this edition, leads only the G team, with six points from the two rounds played so far.

The ‘Cementeros’, which debuted in Libertadores this year, was in last place with one point, with Welles closing without more units than Charsfield.

Wanting to prolong the good image they left on the first day of the draw against the Quito League, Chile jumped with a conservative approach (4-4-2) to thwart the obvious technical and tactical superiority of ‘Mengao’.

At first, they closed well, and they were able to silence the frantic onslaught of Kabigol and company.

But it was a matter of time. A large triangle started by Gerson and ended in a capillary boot with Arasquita, he hit at will.

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The goal forced the Cilians to open, and four minutes later they were caught by a counter-attack on the local field, culminating in Arasquita with a pass from Bruno Henrik.


Everything pointed out that the second half was another walk for Kariogas.

But Luca Marco Giuseppe made two changes, returning to the pitch the Cilians wanted to challenge. Their attitude changed completely, they started touching the ball further, creating danger, and the Brazilians relaxed, sometimes stumbling on defense.

Defensive line is the type that breaks down by millimeters, until Simon Ramares hits a dream aid. Cheese was unmarked, advanced quickly and beat Diego Alves with a shot from the pace of his right foot.

After the goal, it was difficult for Rogerio Cheney’s men to regain their rhythm, with Capigol missing two chances. The Chileans were under constant pressure and were about to get caught up in another defensive error of the Karyokas.

At 67, ‘Fla’ told a play in which Kapikol is pushed and loses going to a poison center, which ends in a goal. But since there is no VAR at the group stage, there is no review.

After that, the Brazilian champion regained his strength and finished second to Kapigol (his 14th goal in 19 games with Flamenco at Libertadores).

He also gave the fans a superb goal from Pedro, which ended in a quick counter-attack with a few drops and a shot on goalkeeper Arias. (D)

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