Legislators are coordinating plans to increase the minimum wage

Leading Democratic Party (PPD) lawmakers Senator Juan Zaragoza and Representative Hector Ferrer and Independent Senator Jose Vargas Widod announced today that they are coordinating their respective legislative plans to increase the minimum wage on the island.

During the press conference, the legislators

“As in Puerto Rico for decades – our vision is to establish a continuous tool – made up of a series of experts to periodically review the need for an increase in the minimum wage,” Zaragoza said.

In short, the senatorial proposal thinks of an initial increase 50 8.50 per hour. Similarly, the action will recover Minimum Wage Board It is, according to the trio of legislators, responsible for assessing subsequent increases each year. House Bill 338 would create a special commission to study the minimum wage increase.

“We are incorporating our plan as a starting point in terms of the minimum wage. We agreed to start with 50 8.50, but we do not want to interpret this as determining what is a fair wage for the Puerto Rican employer, but we would like to use the approval of the tool to establish a starting point … That doesn’t mean the number will be reviewed as soon as the tool is available, “Zaragoza explained.

House Bill 338 – written by Ferrer – will be passed in the House of Commons yesterday and will go to the Senate. Senate Bill 182, signed by Zaragoza and Vargas Vidot, is still being evaluated by the Finance Commission in the Legislature.

Senator Vargas Widot pointed out that the legislative piece “establishes a continuous review that provides justice not only for the cost of living, but also for socially determining conditions, which could change circumstances where we do not now have it in the past.” “

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Ferrer, for his part, pointed out that the Minimum Wage Board should examine the impact of the minimum wage increase on pensioners and people receiving assistance from social programs.

For questions Metro, Senator Zaragoza pointed out the increase $ 8.50 This does not apply to agricultural workers or restaurant workers.

Last week, Governor Point Pierre Luci announced the formation of an advisory committee to evaluate the minimum wage. In the case of Zaragoza, the difference between the legislative proposal and the governor’s proposal lies in the composition of the members of the said institutions. “There are a large number of members who oppose the minimum wage increase,” Zaragoza said of the advisory council set up by the president. On the other hand, the Minimum Wage Board of Senate Bill 182 consisted of an economist, representatives of the public interest, and workers.

Commenting on the previous objections of groups of traders to the minimum wage increase, the famous senator noted, “There will always be concerns if we wait until these departments approve the minimum wage increase. We will never do so. Approval”.

“There is a general claim that 25 7.25 people cannot live,” Vargas Widot said.

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