Victoria Beckham pulled an embarrassing prank on David Beckham on social media

The playful dynamic between David and Victoria Beckham can be seen again in an Instagram post that amuses their followers (Credit: REUTERS/Marco Bello)

Fashion designer Victoria Beckham She recently surprised her followers on social media by sharing a photo and several family moments with her ex-footballer husband. David Beckham, and his sons. In a publication dedicated to her husband, Victoria posted a picture (of many that she usually reveals) that made her followers laugh, as it once again clarified the dynamic nature of jokes between couples.

In the newly released image, a lock of Victoria's hair is shown tucked into David's belt, along with a message. “I told my husband it was over his head.”Victoria took aim at him in an Instagram story that went unnoticed.

Victoria Beckham jokingly posted this photo on her Instagram stories showing a lock of her hair on her husband's crotch (Credit: Instagram/@victoriabeckham)

This is not the first time that Victoria Beckham has shared such humorous and slightly risque content about her husband. Earlier, in March, he posted a video of David working shirtless while fixing some broken light bulbs. “It feels good,” she commented in the video before bringing the camera up close to her husband's butt, with the text: “The electrician is back! Happy Friday, welcome.”.

Additionally, in December she shared another provocative photo of herself wearing only David Calvin Klein underwear while watching TVWith the comment: “The electrician came to fix the TV… you're welcome!”

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham have been married since 1999 (Credit: REUTERS/Maja Smiejkowska)

Although Victoria appears to be the greatest Joker, David Beckham was not idle. Last year, the ex-footballer launched a documentary miniseries on Netflix where he publicly embarrasses his wife, which went viral due to reports surprising viewers.

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In the first episode, Victoria is also known for her career Spice Girltalks about her and her husband's family's humble roots and hard work: “We come from hard-working families. Our parents work a lot. We are working class…”, he explained.

Victoria Beckham assured the Netflix cameras that she came from a “working class background”. David exposed the big lie

At that moment, David speaks loudly from behind a door: “Be honest”. To which Victoria replied with a wicked smile: “I am faithful”. Suddenly, the conversation takes an unexpectedly humorous turn when David asks: “Which car did your father take you to school in?” And Victoria agrees: “My dad had a Rolls Royce in the '80s.”.

In other recent developments, the Beckhams made a choice Go sailing with your kids Harper (12), Cruise (19), Brooklyn (25), and his niece Nicola Peltz Beckham (29) for the Easter celebration.

The Beckham family and Belts Beckham celebrated Easter 2024 together this year (Credits: Instagram/@victoriabeckham)

Via her Instagram account, Victoria shared several moments from the vacation, including her and David relaxing on pool chairs on the deck of a boat, both wearing bunny ears. “Happy Easter! Here's to the Beckhams and Belts Beckhams sending you lots of kisses, we love you and miss you.Victoria wrote.

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