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There is no doubt that time passes quickly, and he knows it well In the blink of an eye saw how their children, their fruit , They have grown. Who would say that those little ones he carried in his arms a few years ago are now completely different, because one of them, He is already of legal age and is studying in Boston, for which many journalists’About the possibility of becoming a grandmother soon.

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Although little is known about the personal life of the boy who owns the social networks, it is true that the young man has already started love and plans to start a family soon, although nothing has been confirmed. That was questioned by journalists More than one left the mouth open, forcing him to respond.

What did you answer? Next, we present the translator’s response to “Electricidat”, who is also a mother 17 year old boy entering music world.

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He was born on August 29, 1969 in Mexico City and is now 52 years old. She is a singer, songwriter, actress, television presenter and entrepreneur (Photo: Lucero / Instagram)

Is Lucero really ready to be a grandmother?

Upon arrival in Mexico, Journalists approached her and decided to ask her if they would like to have grandchildren soon. “No, why not? I’m better go this way without being a grandmother yet.”Pointed between laughs.

But the questions did not stop there, they asked if she would go with the children if she became a grandmother. “No, no, not me, let them take care of themselves”The Mexican artist made fun of.

She decided to talk more seriously, noting that she was only interested in the happiness of her children and that she would appreciate their decision whether or not they decided to form a family now or later.

“No, I let my children be happy with whomever they want to be. If they want to get married, if they do not want to; If they want to have children, if they do not; If they want to keep pets, if not. The truth is, I value their lives, the paths they have chosen and their greatness, one of them, one of them, already very soon; Let them choose what they want to do. ”Accurate.

What does Lucero think about the future of his children, Lucerito and Jose Manuel Mizarre?

Regarding the professional development of his children, Lucero said it was not easy for them to study abroad. “They’re starting to make their living because they’m not 100% here yet, maybe when they make the decision,” he said in an interview. .

At another time, he pointed out that he would unhesitatingly support his children Lucerito and Jose Manuel in everything they chose for their lives.

How does Lucero want to sleep?

As many of us know, sleep is very important for everyone and ex-wife She knows it well, so if she has very complicated habits in bed, she prefers to sleep alone to avoid being uncomfortable all night.

“Whether you’re snoring or not sleeping well or waking up once every 20 minutes, it’s scary, it’s better to sleep alone than to be in bad company.”That said, the Mexican said, much to the surprise of many.

In addition, he realized that he was a woman who rested very well and had no problems sleeping, so he would usually wake up very relaxed after long hours of sleep. “Thank God, I sleep well, I do not suffer from insomnia or those things, I do not have to take pills,” he added.One. .

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