Yalitza Aparicio proudly sports her first tattoo with a special meaning

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to Yalitza Aparicio The image of the hummingbird is very important and has shown it at different times. This time, he showed the process they went through to make him on his YouTube channel and his official Instagram account His first tattoo With the image of a bird.

Actress known for the movie “Roma”. Alfonso CroneHe has mentioned that on many occasions I dreamed of getting a tattoo; At the age of 28, he finally did it and recorded everything to publish it on social networks for millions of followers around the world.

Yalitsa Aparicio was accompanied by her mother, who at all times showed that she did not agree with what she was doing, but the famous girl was so happy and confident that she decided to continue despite her mother’s opinions.

He revealed that he couldn’t do it due to work reasons, but he wanted to do it for a long time. He went to Oaxaca to get help creating the design he envisioned, and he liked the result, but he encountered another obstacle: on which part of the body to hold it.

In a video he posted on his YouTube channel, he revealed that his mother had given him some instructions to give permission for the tattoo. “My mother told us: Once they graduate, a job, to be independent, their car, their house, they can do it.”mentioned the actress, to which her mother responded “That’s why I’m here, even if it doesn’t seem like it to me, it’s painful, but she is, because she works and she already knows that she can carry whatever she wants.”

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Artist Carlos Bautista was responsible for the design Yalitza Aparicio captured on her skin. I was in a difficult moment…not sure which area to hold on to permanently. He finally decided in advance. “How complicated choosing an area… but.. I’m tattooed!”she wrote on Instagram.

For Yalitsa Aparicio, the hummingbird is a symbol of freedom and independence, which is why she decided to get it tattooed on her skin. “I feel it is an animal that is free, that cannot be locked up; you can have any bird, but not a hummingbird; freedom, like everything else, yes, I, I want a hummingbird!”, mentioned.

When the job was done, he didn’t hesitate to show it to the cameras and thanked everyone involved, including his followers, for helping him achieve his dream.

Check out Yalitza Aparicio’s tattoo video

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