Venezuelans tried to rob an ATM in Mexico, but it all ended in the worst possible way


In the middle of Valentine's Day, the Banking and Industrial Police (PBI) of the Security Secretariat of Mexico City (SSC-CDMX) managed to arrest two Venezuelan nationals who attempted to rob the Banco Bienestar ATM in the Benito Juarez Mayor's Office. In Mexico City.

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If the application does not work, this is a way to check the balance of the Banco del Bienestar card

According to the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC-CDMX), police officers were alerted by operators of the Southern Command and Control Center (C2) that a group was dealing with the bank's ATM in an unusual manner. Eje 6 Sur, in the neighborhood of Santa María Nonoalco.

Officers who arrived at the scene realized that the thieves had handled the ATM in an unusual manner and immediately started arresting them.

The thieves are said to be from Venezuela

The Venezuelans, realizing the presence of the judicial elements of Mexico City, began to leave the place; However, two people were arrested.

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