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Vanessa Terges was a guest on the podcast trome, ‘Coffee with Chevez’, to talk about his career, love affairs and other aspects of his life. During the interview, he revealed about his former partners.

As is known, Derkes was with well-known sporting and political figures: George Forsyth, Juan Shebut and Roberto Martinez, and he spoke highly of the former captain of the Universitario de Deportes.

Vanessa Tergues ‘Pushes Out’ Roberto Martinez

Vanessa reveals that she gets along well with Roberto and that she likes his charisma, as well as his chivalry. However, she pointed out that he was not faithful and found that out when they were both in a romantic relationship.

“I like Roberto a lot, he’s very attractive, he’s a great bloomer, and I think it’s attractive to a woman, he’s heroic, he knows his neighborhood ‘Al Mango’. But he is not faithful, which is something a woman needs Or at least wants to.

I don’t know how many times he has betrayed me, but I found a little thing there that he denied me even in the prosecutor’s office Then I found out that it happened. But I don’t get angry at this sort of thing, of course it hurts at first.

Derkes admits that when he discovered Roberto’s infidelity, he could not work quietly, but over time she forgave him and now they are friends.

“I was recording a novel, I was blocked, I couldn’t cry (…) It took me a few days to feel again. We are friends with Roberto, but we don’t go out much to avoid people commenting. I believe in friendship with an ex. “

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His first meetings with Roberto Martinez and Vanessa Tergues (Photo: GEC)

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