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Due to the increase in the daily expenses of citizens in United Statethe money received through Social security It may not be enough to cover your financial obligations. In response, the Social Security Administration (SSA) periodically makes adjustments to the amounts of payments issued. However, the gradual declining trend of inflation in the country may indicate that these adjustments will be less significant than initially expected.

The outlook for the more than 67 million retired and disabled members of Social Security in the United States revolves around estimates from analysts and non-profit organizations.

However, the projected adjustments for next year fall short of the impressive 8.7% increase seen in beneficiaries in 2023, which represents the largest increase in four decades.

Likewise, the increase of 5.9% in 2022 was another unprecedented milestone. How long will it be? Here we explain it to you.

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How much will the amount of Social Security checks increase?

The outlook for monthly payments to beneficiaries points to an increase of close to 3% by 2024. This calculation takes into account the 8.7% increase in the cost of living we saw this year, a period marked by high inflation that reached a record peak of 9.1% in the middle of last year. .

, a senior advocate for a nonprofit organization, provides Social Security Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) projections. They base their estimates on the newly released CPI data for June.

By 2024, Social Security will increase your benefits by about $55 (Photo: Pexels)

Although not as much as previous years, the current projection exceeds the 2.7% increase calculated for 2024, which the same organization had projected the previous month.

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In practice, that would mean an average increase of about $55, taking monthly checks from $1,837 this year to $1,892 in January.

This upward adjustment is attributed to changes in the average monthly rate of inflation, explained Mary Johnson, policy analyst at and Medicare in the Senior Citizens Association.

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