Breastfeeding friendly space launched

Thursday, August 17, 2023


In the auditorium of the Mayo Regional Maternity Hospital 25, the activities of the World Breastfeeding Week were closed, in the presence of authorities from the Ministry of Health and the Regional Maternity Hospital itself.

Within this framework, the breastfeeding-friendly space in this establishment has been left operational, and is reserved for its staff.

“This space was run by the Directorate for Maternity, Childhood and Adolescence and was realized through donations from the Garrahan Foundation and the Banco Nación,” noted Breastfeeding Center reference Karina Cola.

“In this place, you can extract milk and store it in a quiet, comfortable and private way,” he added. “It’s a place with an armchair, a refrigerator, a breast pump, and everything necessary for people who breastfeed to feel at home.”

It is important to note that any establishment with 20 or more people who have the capacity to conceive, of childbearing age, must have a milk extraction space which ensures that when returning to work, the person who is breastfeeding can continue to do so with to promote and support breastfeeding .

On the other hand, Kula reports that during July the opening hours of the breastfeeding center were extended from 8 am to 9:30 pm, as it was possible to get more liters of milk so far this year. “After the time change, we were able to get the people who visited us to express 45 liters of milk. We generally insist that the mother come two or three times a day. With this schedule they can come five times, which is recommended for successful lactation Cola concluded.

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During the meeting, awards were presented to all services that participated and cooperated in the activities that took place during the World Breastfeeding Week, in recognition of their commitment and support.

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