USA Vs Olympia (0-1): ‘Aztecazo’ is not enough against Quilas

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Of ‘Aztecaso’ Olympia from Honduras Ann United States On top of that Concomps It is useless, only for the pride of the caterpillars, because the ticket Quarter final The next week of competition left in the hands of the Eagles will now be measured Portland Timber de la MLS.

The caterpillars played their game and they were out of luck United States In one game they got too dirty with mistakes and they took advantage of it The referee was very gentle in deciding the issues they made, He also saved his life Malar Nunes It came from behind Sebastian Cordova Further Justin Arpoleda What Broke the right fibula a Antonio Lopez.

Despite the different mistakes that spoiled the game, Olympiad Stood with the personality and got into trouble Memo Ochoa They received a fair reward Jerry Pengston’s goal In 50 minutes.

United States Played with the proceeds from Ida’s game, Did not press the accelerator, he also had chances, but the scope was not right and They went to zero for the third time during the Solari era, Being above the top Montreal For a sentence previously obtained Atlas By improper alignment Federico Vinas.

About the end Olympiad Pressed, he went ahead with everything, only needing one goal to remove United States, But it did not come. The United States suffered the most in Azteca Now they only have to think about the game against Cruz Azul and then Timber.

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