US warns of Chinese regime's hostile tactics against Philippines in South Sea: “It's dangerous”

US warns of Chinese regime's hostile tactics against Philippines in South Sea: “It's dangerous” (EFE/EPA/MICHAEL REYNOLDS)

He US Defense Secretary Lloyd AustinHe said this Saturday at a forum in Singapore That Persecution suffered by the Philippines in the South Seaswhere is he Government of the Philippines Also maintains the sovereignty dispute Chinese ruleIt's dangerous”.

Thus expressed Austin It contains The Shangri-La ConversationA very important security forum AsiaIn this he highlighted growing military support America to its partners including PhilippinesGuaranteed Respect for international law and freedom of navigation in the Indo-Pacific.

We all share the desire to keep the South Seas open and free“said the US secretary of state, criticizing countries that use force to impose themselves without specifically identifying them ChinaIts ships have used water cannons against Philippine ships in the disputed waters of the aforementioned sea.

Austin 's “heroism” was celebrated Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos disputed waters by defending his country's sovereign rights Beijing rule of South Sea and emphasized Mutual security alliance between the two countries “paradoxically solid”.

The defense secretary, however, confirmed that his country supports guaranteeing dialogue in the region Freedom of navigation in sea and air and avoid “out of control” situations.

The US High Representative said The various alliances the North American country has formed in the Indo-Pacific region prevent a country from “imposing its will”..

A ship of the Chinese Coast Guard and another of the Philippine Coast Guard in a disputed area of ​​the South China Sea (EUROPA PRESS)

We are driven by a shared vision that unites us and helps prevent one country from imposing its will. “There is no persecution, but sovereign nations have freedom of choice,” he noted. Austin.

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In most of his speeches, the secretary avoided mentioning the obvious ChinaBut ultimately he referred to the Asian Jumper to underline the importance of using dialogue channels to resolve issues in the region.

China and Washington They maintain autonomy and status distinctions TaiwanHe said Chinese government Considers a rebel province that does not reject invasion, and Freedom of navigation in the South SeasChinese officials say, among other things, almost entirely.

America leads to AUKUS AllianceNext Australia And United KingdomAnd this Quadrangle Security Dialogue (QUAD)Next India, Japan And AustraliaAmong other alliances Indo-Pacific.

Lloyd Austin said after meeting his Chinese counterpart that he was “ready to negotiate further with China”. Tang JunWith the aim of reducing tension between the two countries.

Lloyd Austin said he was “open to more dialogue with China” after meeting his Chinese counterpart, Dong Jun, with the aim of easing tensions between the two countries (REUTERS/Edgar Su)

As leading forces, it is important to work together to avoid and minimize miscalculations and misunderstandings. Not all conversations will be easy, but we need to talkAustin noted while participating in the Shangri-La Dialogue Security Forum.

“The important thing is that we talk, and when we talk we can identify problems (…) We can only do that when you keep the dialogue and communication channels open,” the US representative stressed.

This Friday, the defense chiefs of the United States and China held their first military meeting between the powers in a year and a half, bolstering bilateral dialogue amid accusations they have exchanged. Taiwan, Gaza and Ukraine.

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Austin and Dong discussed these and other issues for about 75 minutes longer than expected before the start of Asia's most important security forum, and the Chinese official plans to take the stand on Sunday.

In a calmer tone, the defense secretary insisted on several occasions this Friday during his transition that dialogue between the countries was “no substitute” for de-escalating tensions and that “he always answers the phone” if his Chinese counterpart calls him.

(with information from EFE)

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