New geomagnetic solar storm alerts experts to possible effects on Earth

Scientists have begun to observe A new geomagnetic solar storm May appear this weekend, which means appearance New Northern Lights Most of the sky America Happened a few weeks ago.

He NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center The Geomagnetic Storm Watch issued a warning this weekend, though it remains in place It's too early to tell if this event can reach G5 status As did the extreme northern lights on May 10.

Observations carried out on the morning of this Friday, May 31, detected magnitude G1, which could translate into northern lights visible in parts of the northern United States, such as Michigan and Maine.

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But even these solar storms can You bring small effects to satellites and power networksNOAA noted.

This new geomagnetic solar storm will reach G2 magnitude this Friday afternoon and early morning on June 1. It has its origin in the sun spot identified as 3697.

Aurora Borealis

Northern lights

What causes solar storms?

The sun is approaching a The maximum solar position of its 11-year cycle This has led to space weather becoming more active and is expected to continue to increase through 2025.

Strong solar flares are expected and Blasts of billions of tons of plasma The star exits and can produce more intense northern lights in unexpected places.

“We're getting closer to peak solar power, we're not there yet, necessarily. Yes, this cycle will be interesting. We'll certainly see the potential for more G4-level storms, but still That's not to say they'll reach their G5 status Because it is very rare and we don't have any new faith action,” he said Shawn DahlService Coordinator for NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center in an interview with Fox Weather.

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Auroras are boreal when they occur in the Northern Hemisphere and austral when they occur in the Southern Hemisphere.

Effects of geomagnetic solar storms

Although Solar storms are harmless to our planet Current technologies can be affected by exposure to this phenomenon, which can even be catastrophic.

In 2024, the planet was exposed to cyclical solar events that could directly affect communications; However, for a storm to become geomagnetic, several factors must come together, such as reaching a maximum point and lasting several hours.

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