US mobilizes more than 6,000 members of National Guard in Washington, DC: Europa FM

Mobilization National Guard For the next 30 days, covering a period Joe Biden’s Inauguration Ceremony. The move is aimed at avoiding other social unrest, such as the one that took place this week in Capitol, which elected Joe Biden as president of the United States.

According to international news agencies, about 6,200 soldiers from National Guard units in the states of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey will be on duty to protect the Capitol in the U.S. federal capital.

Already inside Washington DC 30 checkpoints were created, where National Guard Has mobilized more than 700 people.

In the meantime, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) He began the process of identifying those actively involved in violent struggles in the US Congress.

On Thursday, US Congressmen confirmed the US Electoral Commission’s decision Joe Biden is the new President of the United States, And Kamala Harris is the new vice president.

This is the final step before Biden takes the oath On January 20th And officially take over the presidency.

The Democratic nominee won the election 306 election votes, compared to Donald Trump’s 232 There should be a formality at the end of a meeting.

Photo Gallery: Facebook / Bokton Banu

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