Live Video They Fill Prisons! Friday’s rally was attacked by police in riot armor, hundreds of protesters removed by lorry

More than 1,000 people were arrested in Russia on Sunday for New Year’s protests demanding the release of a Russian political opponent Alexei Navalny, According to a new report by the voluntary organization OVD-Info, AFP report.

According to the organization, which specializes in monitoring protests, the highest number of arrests took place in Moscow, followed by Vladivostok (113), Novosibirsk (93) and Krasnoyarsk (91) in Siberia. Row.

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“Little a thief!”

The rallies follow the first day of mobilization last Saturday, which was attended by tens of thousands of protesters, resulting in more than 4,000 arrests and the opening of 20 criminal cases.

In the center of Moscow and St. Petersburg, a large number of police officers from the National Guard were stationed in front of the meeting, as scheduled for Sunday afternoon, AFP reporters found.

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Dozens of protesters marched through the center of the Russian capital, chanting “Putin is a thief!”, “Freedom!”

These new protests are taking place against the backdrop of Alexei Navalny appearing in court next week.

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Political opponent faces several lawsuits – after returning to Russia from Germany on January 17, he was charged following the poisoning of Novicio Vladimir Putin And the FSP – denounces the Kremlin’s incumbent enemy as politically motivated.

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Navalny’s lawyer said he faces up to “about two-and-a-half years” in prison with the death penalty for violating the terms of the 2014 three-and-a-half-year prison sentence.

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