U.S. election crime lawyers resign over presidential election scandal

US Attorney General Richard Bilker has resigned following US Attorney General Bill Barr’s offer to open an inquiry into possible irregularities during the presidential election. Before the official election results are verified, CNN.

Richard Bilker, head of the Judicial Electoral Prosecution Department, U.S. He said the Attorney General’s decision “canceled the 40-year policy of not engaging in an investigation into possible election fraud before the election results were verified.”

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr, a supporter of Donald Trump, insisted that the recognition sent to all federal attorneys in the United States did not indicate that evidence of genuine fraud existed in the judiciary.

“In some cases, I authorize you to investigate substantial allegations of irregularities in voting or counting of votes before the election certificate is issued within your jurisdiction,” Bar wrote in the document.

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr has authorized the launch of an election fraud investigation. Photo: Mark Wilson / Getty Images

“If there are clear and credible allegations of malpractice, such investigations can be conducted and if proven, they could have an impact on the outcome of federal elections in a state,” he added.

Electoral fraud investigations are generally the responsibility of each state, which establishes and regulates its own election rules.

The U.S. judiciary generally does not intervene in such a situation until the number of votes has been certified and the number is complete.

Donald Trump began immediately after the November 3 election allegations of vote rigging in support of elected President Joe Biden.

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According to CNN, the document, signed by Attorney General Barr, after several weeks of heated discussions with several judicial officials, caught his attention that such a decision was “a bad idea”.

The purpose of the document signed by Bar is still unclear, and lawyers are already aware of their responsibilities in investigating election fraud. This time, however, it means that the Attorney General and the U.S. Department of Justice are trying to find evidence that Trump and his campaign team could not produce.

U.S. Justice Department officials said Barr had been “crazy” with the idea of ​​election fraud for several weeks, anonymously.

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