US Embassy – PSRM to review constitution of law relating to the transfer of Republican grounds owned by Codydaniul.


BSRM representatives say the law to change the Republican arena to build the US embassy, ​​which was voted in by the Democratic government in 2018, is unconstitutional. They filed a complaint in the Constitutional Court on Thursday, December 10 to verify the issue.

BSRM MP Vasile Polia said the law had been rejected twice by the country’s president, Igor Dodan, and the constitutional court had suspended Igor Dodan from the presidency on the basis of PTM representatives after he repeatedly refused to declare the law. , And the law was announced by the then Speaker of Parliament, Democrat Andrian Condu.

“Following that practice in 2018, a flawed practice, and then a fact established by the Constitutional Court, the Venice Commission, by international partners, can be seen to have been attacked by zero, its announcement by Andr காs Conte that this declaration was made by an unauthorized person,” said Vasile Polia.

Dec. Canceled Canceled.

Prime Minister Ian Siku was also surprised to see votes cast from the Socialist Representatives and the Four Moldova Committee, which repealed Law No. 151/2018, in connection with the conversion of the Republican arena into a fee for the US Embassy. In his opinion, the legislature’s decision was “a mistake, it is about bilateral relations between strategic partners”.

Following that, the order was hastily signed by Igor Dodan and the law was published in the Official Gazette so that it came into force.

The Republican arena was to return to the state’s public property, but at the request of PAS and PPDA representatives, the Constitutional Court stopped enforcing the law.

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It should be noted that Ilan oror, the leader of the “or” party, had previously announced that he wanted to create a “Moldovaland and Pesarabialand” family park on the site of the Republican forum

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