World record for SpaceX. Sent 143 satellites into space with a single rocket

Elon Musk’s company SpaceX set a new world record. This is the largest number of satellites ever sent into space with a single rocket. No fewer than 143 satellites, of various shapes and sizes, went into orbit with a Flacon 9 rocket launched from Florida, reports BBC.

The Falcon 9 rocket launched 133 commercial and government satellites and 10 SpaceX satellites, the latter adding to the “mega-constellation” of Starlink telecommunications minisatellites, destined to provide broadband Internet around the world.

The launch was made with a 24-hour delay from the originally set deadline. The mission was called “Transporter-1”.

The previous record for most satellites in a space had been set by an Indian rocket. In 2017, it placed 104 satellites at launch.

The satellites were placed in a kind of dispenser that then propelled them into space Photo: SpaceX via BBC

This performance is the result of a revolution in satellite components, which have become more robust, miniaturized and inexpensive, many taken directly from electronic devices such as smartphones, meaning that almost anyone can now build a satellite. viable satellite to occupy a space. small volume.

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