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environment and opportunities

The main objective of the Human Resources Department at GSK is twofold. Despite the fact that the company defines its goal Productive excellenceGSK does not neglect to take care of employee satisfaction. Its mission is to create comfortable and inviting spaces that foster development. In addition to implementing a good work environment, the company also maintains an unwavering commitment to creating initiatives that make employees feel engaged, such as “development week“, which is a period of time used to propose groundbreaking ideas and proposals. GSK employees also have a selection of training options available to improve their knowledge.”We make proposals of all kinds, some that work better, others worse, but that’s the essence of innovation, it’s trial and error. What doesn’t work, we remove it and what works, we standardize itAna Valdivieso says.

employee value

The employee’s opinion has a lot of weight at GSK, which is why a three-pronged plan has been put in place to ensure his well-being. Among the most important points are variety, well-being and assistance with reconciliation or benefits in the event of an employee’s family member being ill. “Matchmaking is part of a person’s well-being, and we have a variety of proposals that include employees and their families“. The worker environment is importantalthough GSK also offers strategies and support points in situations where emotional support is required.

Flexibility and learning

In terms of offering a good employee experience, GSK provides a hybrid working model, in which workers can make some changes. The pattern provided by the company consists of remote work for two days out of five. Ana Valdivieso points out that this does not generate problems, since it starts from a file The basis of mutual trust between the employee and the company. With trust as its foundation, GSK is a company in constant development, and for this reason, workers are encouraged to continue their training. “Learning throughout life is necessary, it must be assumed; And if you work in the world of work, you need to be up to date“, says Anna Valdivieso. Taking into account the differential characteristics of each person, different opportunities are adapted for them so that they continue to improve in their working life.

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