Uncertainty surrounds the formation of a new legislature on May 1

The elected representatives of the new legislature promise that nothing will be done in accordance with the legislative internal regulation.

Five days before the new legislature for the period 2021-2024 this May 1 takes office in the blue room; Both the re-elected representatives and the first state-level executive staff are concerned about their total ignorance of how to set up new parliamentary committees.

Arena Vice President Norman Guijano says he has completed 7 positions at the helm of the legislature and has never seen a similar situation in which the law is violated by disregarding the internal rules that dictate the guidelines to be followed for the installation process. An assembly.

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“The Republican legislature has internal regulation. The new Speaker of the Legislature, who will hold his own session, I understand that they will be established on May 1. This is a very disturbing situation, I would say, because it is not only the legal aspect, but what is the tradition of respecting the internal rules for installation.” , Said Guijano.

Ernesto Castro, the elected vice president of the New Ideas Party, is emerging as a possible leader of the legislature in the next term, in response to Guizano’s claims.

“People did not choose us to continue the ‘tradition’ of this political class. They chose us to completely change the way the legislature works. We are on the right track,” Castro posted a video of Guijano on his Twitter account with his revelations.

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Further: There is no change or understanding protocol in the new legislature

One expectation is how the installation will be developed on May 1, taking into account that all staff in the assembly have only a few days left, as they have not been notified of the guidelines to be followed.

Susie Colleas, a former Minister of Culture and now an elected associate of the New Ideas Party, revealed in a televised interview with DCS that on the same day they will form a preparatory commission and carry out the prescribed disciplinary action, the constitution will not be “public” law, it is part of the legislature Made without guests, there will be no party or cocktail. “

Nidia Thias, head of the FMLN faction, explained that the whole procedure for establishing a new legislature is detailed in Articles 5 to 10 of the Internal Regulations, while the majority party regrets that new ideas did not invite them to a commission product.

“You will see how this is done. We will attend our parliamentary committee on May 1,” Thias said.

The outgoing legislator, Mario Bones of PCN, said that with the News Ideas having a deserving majority of 56 votes, they can decide what to do and what not to do.

“The official party received 56 votes, what can be negotiated for it, can tell other parties to establish the installation, and eventually they can ignore what has already been dictated by domestic regulations regarding the preparations,” the commission said.

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