UN warns of veto of Lula in Brazil’s presidential election

On Thursday, the United Nations panel of human rights experts gave former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva a moral victory, ruling that he was illegally barred from running for the country’s top post in 2018 due to judicial bias.

As Lula, 76, prepares to run for re-election in October, the Human Rights Council’s 15-2 result has come to an end. He issued a statement saying the ruling was “a victory for all Brazilians who believe in the rule of law and democracy.”

Is a left-wing leader He was re-elected to the post between 2003 and 2010 A federal judge, Sergio Moro, convicted him of corruption and money laundering as a result of a corruption investigation into prominent politicians and businessmen.

A Lula He was banned from running for president and sentenced to nine years in prison – which was later extended to 12 years.

But Brazil’s Supreme Federal Court last year overturned the sentence, ruling that Moro was biased against the former president, which was largely based on conversations Moro had with lawyers through a news processor, as revealed by The Intercept Brazil news website.

The rights group stated in its judgment Morrow had provided damaging materials to the media from wiretapping His initial detention for Lula’s conversations and interrogation.

“Even if the federal Supreme Court overturns Lula’s sentence and imprisonment in 2021, these decisions will not be timely and sufficient to prevent or correct violations,” said Arif Bulgan, a member of the human rights group, in a statement from the agency.

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