After the FMLN mayor was arrested, his leadership demanded that the prosecutor’s office also act on government corruption cases.

The leadership of the ephemeralist region demanded from the FGR that they support the allegations against the mayors of Zacateculoka and San Rafael Obrazuvelo.

At the same pace this Monday, the prosecutor’s office seized the mayors of the FMLN’s Cacatoloca, Francisco Salvador Hiresi; San Rafael Obrazuvelo, Rafael Amalcar Aguilar Alvarado; கணாவின்; The FMLN demanded that former FMLN vice-president Jaime Gilberto Valdes and several councilors act on corruption cases in the current government.

At a press conference this Monday, FMLN vice-president George Shafiq Handal explained: “We hope the prosecutor’s office will operate at the same pace.

As he said, the lawyer, Raul Melara, announced that investigations had been underway since August last year to pursue the arrests, and recalled that the same lawyer’s office had held several cases related to corruption in the current government in its hands since June 2020. .

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“In June last year, (the public prosecutor) made less complicated cases than the corruption cases of this government, and we hope this will continue,” Handal said.

They believe the allegations against the mayors are duly supported, “so that it does not end in big publicity, and eventually the mountain is able to give birth to a mouse. We believe that things are serious and properly processed,” United States has also ruled on cases, he explained.

For her part, FMLN division chief Nidia Thias said she hoped the situation would not be “politicized” and that in the same way that her arrests were publicized, judicial decisions in the matter would be released after the current defendants carry out their respective legal procedures.

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“What we are asking for is a proper process and these cases are not going to be politicized now. We will be vigilant, but when there is a big scandal, an initial investigation should not be carried out, instead the investigations are continuing,” Thias said.

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