They reveal the test that American soldiers experienced with the Santiago Solari

The reason why the American soldiers laid Santiago Solari on the bed and removed him came to light.

Apparently Santiago Solari was fired from the United States
© Figure 7Apparently Santiago Solari was fired from the United States

United States Revived after the dark start of the match What did you have Santiago Solari. Argentina faced their third match as captain of the men’s first team, but things got out of control and it was noticeable in every game. The players are not with him.

Their Departure came in early March, After a tie with one against Queretaro in Azteca. The The order thanked Indiecito Fernando Ordis recovered the team from that and the results are a direct classification of Likuila, especially after being at the last places on the public table.

In the face of such drastic change, rumors began to spread. It was speculated that the team no longer wanted Solari to be their coach They started making his bed; An attitude not accepted by many fans.

The truth about the firing of the Santiago Solari de America

Now, many months later, the journalist, Miguel Angel Arisbe, from his article From the Angel, Asulgrimas footballers tried to flee to SantiagoBut this was all due to the treatment they had previously received from a technician.

Santiago (Solaris) He was an unbearable sucker who saw us less. There was never a great relationship, and he did not stop to be with us and talk; There was a barrier between him and the players. I understand what you want to write, it’s good, but we’re tired of someone looking down on us.“, Coapa revealed to Arisbe a source inside.

Thus, the The relationship between the players and the coaches broke downBut now you can dream of being led by Dano Fight for the title Completion of the Liga MX 2022.

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