Ukraine seeks NATO pledges to double its air defenses at Alliance summit in Washington

Ukraine will seek pledges from NATO to double its anti-aircraft defenses at the next alliance summit in Washington (EFE).

President of UkraineVolodimir Zelensky said that he will search this Friday Doubles your air defense During the summer, with the aim of increasingly neutralizing Russian aggression.

“As we promised, We need to double our air defense capabilities in the summer“Indicating his hope during a meeting with regional officials, he said that the partners NATO will understand this need and will announce”Powerful resultsAt the summit next week in Washington.

Zelensky has been calling on the international community for months to increase exports Patriotic organizations, have demonstrated great effectiveness in intercepting missiles entering their territory from Russia. So far, Ukraine has managed to win Four Although it is the size of these devices At least seven are necessary In the short term, The situation can be reversed in some very important areas.

Ukraine already has four patriotic organizations and estimates it needs at least seven in the short term to defend itself against Russia (REUTERS)

In the last hour, the German ambassador in Kiev, Martin Jäger, announced Sends its third national flagAmid repeated Russian bombings, it is to “enhance the safety of people and civil and energy infrastructure,” which has been hit hardest by the latest fighting.

In any case, the Ukrainian president's focus is on the event he is bringing together America Important announcements can be made to the leaders of alliance member states about their cooperation and assistance.

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In the ongoing discussions A Financial commitment A. to provide military aid to Kyiv A minimum of 40,000 million Euros per annum According to Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the group has already agreed verbally. The proposed figure is a starting point and will be reviewed during next year's summit in The Hague Confirm that “support is in line with Ukraine's needs.”.

“Since Russia's full-scale invasion, the Allies have provided around 40 billion euros in military aid each year. Partners agree that this is the minimum baseline I hope they will decide at the summit to maintain this status next year as well,” said the Norwegian politician.

NATO countries agree to provide at least 40 billion euros a year in military support to Ukraine (REUTERS).

Likewise, he opined that the figure would be “fairly” distributed among countries and “take into account the size of their GDP”. “A stable fiscal position is maintained for Ukraine to prevail”.

The package, which is expected to get the green light next week, would see NATO play a more active role in international military aid sent to the country and efforts to train troops and pilots. If successful, it would be in charge of a command led by a three-star general and a 700-man group in Germany.

Also, logistics nodes will be added in Romania, Slovakia and Poland to speed up and facilitate the entry of equipment.

“We'll agree Work more closely Along with Ukraine's armed forces, Poland also has a new joint NATO-Ukraine Center for Analysis, Training and Education. We will work together Formation of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine And Deepen our collaboration for innovationStoltenberg concluded.

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(With information from EFE, Europa Press and Reuters)

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