The Supreme Court of the Cuban dictatorship has already tried 62 people after major protests

Police arrest one person during protests (Photo: EFE)

The Supreme Court of the Cuban dictatorship reported this Thursday During the protests on July 11 and 12, 62 people were tried on the island for “crimes”.

“Those who made themselves available to the court were the ones who created a crime”, Pointed out Jocelyn Sanchez Hidalco, Magistrate of the People’s Supreme Court, to the official newspaper Granma.

Noted that The main crime in 53 cases is “public disorder”.Moreover, less and less others are offered such as resistance, contempt, incitement to crime and harm.

Judicial officials had already filed a report a week ago 59 were prosecuted, Only three less than those reported this Thursday.

Thousands of people protested in more than 40 cities across the country against the Castro dictatorship Due to lack of independence and dangerous economic conditions, One dead, a dozen wounded and hundreds of prisoners left a draw.

Almost four weeks after the social protests erupted, Authorities did not say how many detainees were involved in the protests.

These offenses are punishable by a fine of up to 300 pesos. (About $ 12) Or imprisonment for one to four years, handed down by municipal courts at brief hearings.

Regime security forces suppress protests (Photos: AFP and Reuters)
Regime security forces suppress protests (Photos: AFP and Reuters)

Social organizations have condemned the arrests of more than 700 people And relatives of those admitted are complaining on social networks In some cases there are no practical guarantees due to the lack of security lawyers.

“The court provided all the facilities to the defendants who intended to appoint a lawyer. That right will be guaranteed“, The officer assured.

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So far from the courts, Appeared with the help of 22 lawyers; One was acquitted, and 45 have established an appeal, 40 of them with a designated attorneySanchez said.

It also said that 21 people who had participated in probation and protests and failed to comply with the obligations imposed by law were allowed to return to jail after the operation was canceled. We can guarantee that the guarantees provided will be “strictly adhered to in the justice process so far implemented.”The magistrate assured that the proceedings were carried out “with all the guarantees provided by Cuban law and with due respect to the law and due process.”

During and after the July protests, from peaceful protests to clashes with police, Participants and instigators, including anonymous citizens, artists, opposition activists and independent journalists, were arrested.

Cuba suffers from severe shortages of food, medicine and other basic necessities, which led to the July 11 eruption of ill health (photo: EFE)
Cuba suffers from severe shortages of food, medicine and other basic necessities, which led to the July 11 eruption of ill health (photo: EFE)

The protests engulfed the country Severe economic and health crisis, epidemic out of control and severe shortage of food, medicine and other basic necessities, In addition to the long power outage.

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) on Wednesday reported the status of the Govt-19 epidemic. Cuba “Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.”

“The situation in Cuba is complex. It is due to the delta variability reported by the authorities in various parts of the country, and there is still a significant amount of vulnerable population,” PAHO Director of Health Emergencies told a news conference. Ciro Ugarde.

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The expert on the other hand insisted An economic fact “currently very difficult in Cuba”, “Long queues for food” and “Population decline regarding measures to protect itself from infection.”

(With AFP and EFE information)

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