NASA confirms the return of the Northern Lights from this day


If you missed the northern lights that arrived in Spain not too long ago, you're in luck, and according to NASA, you'll have a new chance this summer.

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The NASA has confirmed the return of the Northern Lights They will do so from this particular day and we can enjoy these curious elements. The skies are unusually lit up this season and the incredible Northern Lights have practically arrived at our doorstep, a wonderful way to admire the planet we live on. Nights invite us to look at the sky and a long list of astronomical events await us to know what is happening in it at all times.

Northern lights must be seen. These days we can start thinking about what is going on. Holidays can be the perfect excuse to enjoy long nights of silence and our encounters with the heavens that may bring important messages. It's time to get ready to live some special days with some details that we need to take into account. NASA wanted to brighten up the holidays for more than one person, especially those who wanted to see this curious event.

NASA explains why the northern lights are seen in Spain

Spain is in the news In the north we can see the northern lights which we usually have and haven't been able to experience so close for many years. In essence we will face the elements that have become essential, and that will begin to prepare us for the best.

These are the times when we should prepare to see some unexpected anomalies in the sky. There is an element that has a lot to do with these events that we haven't seen yet, the solar activity of this year 2024 that hasn't been recorded in this way for decades.

So it's no surprise that we're facing a historic event that led to these incredible northern lights that we'll soon be able to see. As NASA's social networks tell us, there's a reason we see the Northern Lights arriving at our doorstep.

They explain to us this way: “Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are giant clouds of solar particles entangled with magnetic fields emanating from the Sun. These giant clouds can travel anywhere in the Solar System, even to us on Earth.”

The Northern Lights will return this summer

This paradoxical activity of the Sun These northern lights make our planet look like it's reaching, and maybe we should take it into account. It's time to take a look at the sky to see a phenomenon that NASA explains to us in detail from its blog.

They explain to us in this blog: “The Sun sends us more than just heat and light; it sends a lot of energy and tiny particles to our planet. The protective magnetic field around Earth shields us from most of the energy and particles, and we don't even know about them. But the Sun doesn't send the same amount of energy all the time. .There is a steady stream of solar wind and there are solar storms. “During a type of solar storm called a coronal mass ejection, the Sun ejects a large bubble of electrified gas that can travel through space.”

These solar storms are responsible for the northern lights we see this summer: “When a solar storm comes toward us, some of the energy and small particles can travel along the magnetic field lines at the north and south poles and into Earth's atmosphere. There, the particles interact with gases in our atmosphere, It creates beautiful displays of light in the sky. Nitrogen glows bright blue and purple. That's why we see the kind of light combinations that attract us Nature itself is wonderful.

Remember to spend your vacation away from the city or somewhere with less light pollution. It will interest you and you will be able to see a little bit. In essence, it is a way of waiting outside for the northern lights and the silence of the corners with the soul will definitely attract us on more than one occasion. Start preparing everything so as not to miss this sight, it will take some time to see it again, unless you go to the North Pole, where they will be near where they appeared.

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