U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr has authorized the opening of election fraud investigations

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr gave the green light on Monday to begin an investigation into possible irregularities during the November 3 presidential election. Donald Trump promises that the election was marked as “fraudulent”, but without bringing evidence, the AFP

Bill Barr, one of the current president’s most loyal ministers, pointed out that the recognition, which was sent to federal prosecutors across the country, did not indicate evidence of real fraud in the judiciary. AcerPress.

“In your jurisdiction, I authorize you to investigate substantial allegations of irregularities in voting or voting, in some cases, before the election certificate is issued,” he wrote in the document.

“If there are clear and credible allegations of malpractice, such investigations can be conducted and if proven, they could have an impact on the outcome of federal elections in a state,” he added.

Electoral fraud investigations are generally the responsibility of each state, which establishes and regulates its own election rules.

The U.S. judiciary generally does not intervene in such a situation until the number of votes has been certified and the number is complete.

Donald Trump’s campaign team is challenging Joe Biden’s decision in several states – primarily in Pennsylvania and Nevada.

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