Dorismer raises the bar on Instagram with his bold and provocative photos

Host and actress Dorismer She recently joined artists who decided to open an account on the same fan platform to bring content to followersHuge and provocative Although on his profile Instagram It already has far less content than imagined.

The singer and model has been known for many years as a presenter on popular shows such as “El Cordo y la Flacca”, where he collaborated in 2000. Many years later he became famous from the cover of the popular men’s magazine “Playboy”.

In Mexico, the 45-year-old handsome host of Argentine descent has performed alongside Israel Jaitovich on shows such as “La Barodia”, “Desmotruca 2” and has starred in television novels such as “Alma de Hierro” and “Tryunpo del Amore”. . Except that they participate in unit projects called “Says”.

In your account Instagram, Dorismer As he did in November last year, when he impressed his followers with a lace band in purple, he shared a variety of photos or can be seen in bold little bikinis or underwear.

Dorismer raises the temperature on Instagram

The erotic actress and singer shares on social networking photos with her fans that she can be seen wearing a great figure, which is why she has already been able to follow more than 1 million people on Instagram, and only recently on the controversial platform fans.

Her figure and the way she portrays it has earned her contracts with many men’s content magazines for acting, as they are often called, because she not only posed for Bunny magazine, but has done it for other publications as well, with great success in sales.

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The erotic actress and singer shares with her fans on social networking photos in which she wears a great figure. Photo: Special


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