Tylen criticized Abel Martinez’s statements for “shadow count”

Minister of Public Works and Communication, Deline Ascención, Criticized today as the current mayor of Santiago, Abel Martinez, Did not take the initiative to terminate the contract Shadow count When he was president House of Representatives.

“Unfortunately, he did not have the initiative to end this kind of contractual relationship, he was the leader. House of Representatives For a long time, “he said Boom.

Fareed Raffles reiterates responsibility for the “original sin” of the shadow figure

“I think those who are connected and especially the mayor Sub And leader House of Representatives, This is unfortunate and we have to wait a long time for such a decision to be taken, “he added. Public Works,

Regarding the type of decision taken Dominican government Regarding the Shadow Customs Agreement, Deline Ascención He described it as a measure adjusted to national and international standards.

“This is a decision that respects the rule of law because we are part of an international community and have its rules,” he said.


President of the Republic, Louis Abinader, Announced the removal of the shadow number by agreement to terminate the offer in advance. Samana Highway (Northeast Highway)

Abinadar announces the removal of the shadow number of the Samana Highway

By this conclusion The Dominican State This would save about five hundred million dollars.

“I am pleased to inform you that today the Dominican government has reached a conciliatory agreement to terminate the concession agreement. Samana HighwayAbinathar said.

The government will pay the amount US $ 410 million To finalize the offer agreement.

That amount is the amount to be paid to the shadow customs over the next four years and 4 months, not counting what the customs will generate once the customs are transferred to the state trust. RD bottle.

The TRATO Foundation commends Abinader’s decision on “shadow count”

Abel’s statements

Abel Martinez He described the agreement made by the president as detrimental to the national interest Louis Abinader The so-called Shadow Customs Agreement must end.

“If the agreement is wrong and detrimental to the national interest, stop it. Find another way and wear pants, ”he said. Abel Martinez.

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