Argentine Contreras exposes politicians involved in OMSA scandal

The National District Fourth Court of Inquiry resubmitted on May 17 the preliminary hearing against the main defendant, Argenis Contreras, in the October 2017 death of attorney Uniol Ramரres.

Judge Yanipet Rivas adjourned the hearing for the day to 10:00 p.m.

Plutarco Jacques, Arkansas’ attorney, said the court accepted two of their pleas for adjournment; The court accepted both requests, one for the public ministry to provide some evidence and the other for prosecutors to be allowed to meet the defendant in Najayo prison.

Organis cooperates

According to the judge, Organis Contreras has been cooperating with authorities since his deportation from the United States, “43 days ago he told the Ministry of Public Works that all PLD officials were involved in the OMSA’s corrupt activities and that people who should be imprisoned, they are happy and loud.”

The death of Professor Uniol Ramரres exposed the corruption in the OMSA, for which Manuel Rivas, former director of the OMSA, and Fastino Rosario Thias, former director of finance, were sent to a qualifying inquiry.

Ramores’ death is being prosecuted against Jose Antonio Mercado Blanco, Jorge Luis Aubrey Fabian, Heidi Carolina Pena, Lillian Francisco Suarez Juves and Vector Elizander Ravello Campos.

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