Tuzo and Jason: Massive shapeless masses inside the Earth that scientists are awake to

Massive amorphous masses located inside the earth plotting scientists (photo: file)
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There are two amorphous extraterrestrial masses in a strange corner of our solar system. They are the size of continents, and they are believed to spend time waiting for food to fall on them, and then they simply suck. Its natural habitat is more unusual than its food. It can be described as “rock”: it is surrounded by exotic minerals in unknown shades and shapes. Except for a glistening ocean in the distance, otherwise it is very barren, with enough water to connect all the oceans on earth.

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Every day the “weather” is the same: a gentle 1,827 C, and in some areas its pressure is about 1.3 million times higher than the Earth’s surface. In this crushing environment, atoms warp and even the most familiar materials begin to function strangely: rock is as flexible as plastic, while oxygen acts as metal.

But this burning hot spot is not on another planet, and those masses are definitely not wildlife. It is really earth, deep inside.

In that strange world

The environment in question is the bottom layer of rock just above the center of the planet. Another world in that mostly solid mantle, a rotating space, a kaleidoscope of crystals, diamonds (they contain about a quadrillion tons) of minerals are very rare on Earth.

In fact, the rocks in abundance in this layer, such as Bridgemanite and Dovmovite, are largely a mystery to scientists. They require unique ultra-high pressures on the interior of the developing planet, and they will disintegrate if brought into our empire.

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We can only see them in their natural form when they are trapped within the diamonds that reach the surface. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person, as their physical properties are very different from the pressures they normally have.

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