Trumpeter Tommy Villarini in a coma

Trump player and organizer Tommy Villarrini is in a coma after suffering a stroke several days ago.

His son Oscar, on his Facebook account, faces a subtle picture of the musician’s health.

“I have received many calls and texts from his friends and fans. Sorry for not being able to respond quickly to all of you. It was a very difficult process for me and my family because of how quickly things happened. Nevertheless, I am very thankful for your prayers. I am also one of those who think that the last thing lost is faith and that prayers are powerful, so I urge you to continue to pray. My father presents an important medical picture due to the location of the cerebral palsy. Basically doctors can’t do much, he is currently in a coma. His body reacts with slight movements, but it is neurological. My father is constantly fighting for his life and now you have to pray for him. This is a very slow and painful process. Thank you with all my heart! Don’t forget to include it in your prayers #voyativiejo # Wake up #Prayer”Reads the post that immediately sparked encouraging news for the family.

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